You communicate. Audiences brand. Figure out how the two meet to deliver the desired expectations in a highly fragmented, message-inundated media environment.

Branding is easy. But effective branding that hits a memorable, emotional cord with your audience is more difficult than ever for marketers. The average person in a mid-sized city is now hit with around 10,000 advertising messages every day. Your customers – in B2B and B2C environments – are inundated with messages from countless online and traditional media channels. How do you develop an own-able, valuable and memorable brand position for your organization, company, products and services that resonate with target audiences and create the feelings and actions you desire?

We offer several services involving licensure, examinations, accreditations and continuing education which can be confusing or our audience. Market Position Strategies is helping us evaluate our positioning and messaging for these services and establish a brand architecture to simplify our offerings and clearly communicate our value proposition.
— Larissa Doucette, Marketing Communications Senior Manager, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

  • What are the key drivers within the organization/company, the industry and the competitive environment that define brand positioning?

  • How do social, political and cultural influences impact strategic branding?

  • How do you distill insights – aha! moments – from data and information to create an emotional connection with audiences and drive action in B2C and B2B marketing?

  • What colors, shapes, images, tone and other creative elements most accurately portray your desired position?

  • How do you develop brand guidelines for your organizational, product and/or services positioning to help create a consistent customer experience?