Get to the hearts and minds of your most likely buyers. Not just who they are but what they care about and where they go to solve their problems.

Get to know your customer segments inside and out – and get past the standard demographics. Understand what and who motivates each of your audiences. Where do they get information? Who do they rely on for guidance? What in their personal life influences their decision making? Employ a structured approach to persona development using primary customer data and external information sources to create a holistic picture of your primary audiences. Then work together to determine the path to conversion.

We well established in the federal government and defense industries. But we’re just starting to aggressively grow in commercial markets like healthcare, telecom and banking and finance. The personas created by Shane were extremely well informed, insightful and pragmatic for developing communications and marketing plans.
— Lauren Gehrig, Product Marketing Strategist, General Dynamics

  • What motivates your target to buy? What are they thinking, feeling and doing?

  • What, if any, emotional attachment do they have to your brand, product or solution?

  • How do they make decisions? Where do they go for information?

  • Why do they need you - on a personal and professional level?