Determine how to frame your organization in the business environment, among the competition and with your target markets.

Positioning can be applied at an overarching level such as branding for a company or organization or more narrowly such as the specifics around a product, service or marketing campaign. The key to uncovering effective positioning is an insight that connects your audience to your brand or product. An insight leads to the single word or phrase that summarizes your message and sparks a creative idea, causing customers to think, feel and do things differently than they did before they saw your campaign.

The two day offsite on messaging and positioning with Shane was invaluable for annual strategic marketing planning. We addressed messaging to our independent sales channels such as brokers and agents, end consumers and employees.
— Rodney Branch, CMO, Athene USA

  • Answer the “why” question - Why does your organization, product or service exist?

  • Who should care? And why don’t they now?

  • Why should they come to you as opposed to your competition?

  • What should you say to attract your audience?