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Positioning and Messaging

Positioning can be as broad as branding for a company or organization or as specific as a product or service or marketing campaign. The key to uncovering effective positioning is an insight that connects your audience to your brand or product. An insight leads to the single word or phrase that summarizes your message and sparks a creative idea, causing customers to think, feel and do things differently than they did before they saw your campaign.

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Personas and Customer Journeys

Get to know your customer segments inside and out – and get past the standard demographics. Understand what and who motivates each of your audiences. Where do they get information? Who do they rely on for guidance? What in their personal life influences their decision making? Employ a structured approach to persona development using primary customer data and external information sources to create a holistic picture of your primary audiences. Then work together to determine the path to conversion.

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Content Strategy

When it comes to content marketers often start with the what – a video, whitepaper, infographic, etc., etc. - getting bogged down in tactics and not focused on the purpose. Develop content strategies using the Precision Content System roadmap that starts with why you’re communicating and to whom. Then map content format to media channel to position in the conversion funnel, optimizing an awareness-to-action content marketing experience.

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Communications Planning

Once you’ve become intimately familiar with your customers through the persona work, have decided on the best positioning and messaging and developed your content it’s time to pick your channels. Integrating paid, owned and earned media through digital, traditional, social and other channels is core to communications planning.

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Today, the typical marketer is overwhelmed by data. But not all data is equal. What measurements truly reflect the success of a campaign? How do you link KPIs to business objectives? How can you justify your budget? Use a simple tool called the Measurement Framework to map specific marketing measurements to overall business goals.